Dear husband, how can I say that I am perfect about your emotions? Then, take this opportunity, first give you a song of my birthday it: the word will be saved, three words at the beginning of the smile; ten years of thinking, nine to one hundred; sun and moon stars shuttle, spring Summer and winter as scheduled; ambition is already, raising children frankly; fingers cross precious, ten with seven lucky; I would like to dance with you, life, ideal, love -


Husband, we have been married for 4 years 2 months and 1 day, compared to life, this 4 years 2 months and 1 day indeed the tip of the iceberg, but in this corner, we together to build three things in life: marriage, ,settle down. Among them, we are not many times noisy and sad, but they are lost to our mutual care and caress. In this corner, I feel you from the arrogant gangs gradually into the calm, delicate, loving husband and father of the duties. In this corner, I have no taste to enjoy your Qinling mountain wall as a hard arm, and I always into a pool of soft spring water freeze in your arms, boundless security is still born: you What am I afraid of ...


Husband, you will always use your strong side to eliminate my worries. That time, you left the house only a few hundred dollars all left me, and you are light into battle. That time, life unforgettable to be produced, you stick to me two days and two nights without eyes, you tell me you are excited. With the cry of the baby, you finally relieved, and asked the two mothers tightly holding our son back to the room, and you are waiting alone in the operating room door, passing the love and determination never betray. A few days, you are suffering from torture, but also insist on doing the job, and then a person lying on the bed injection. I keep the son at home to ask you how to eat ah, you tell me: out of the service fee hospital was someone to send rice, so I and my son at home to eat on the line. To now, I have been thinking, that a few days in the hospital, you in the end there is no like you said, you can eat on time.


How many times, I unreasonable with you noisy, and you always patience, tolerance, to appease my emotions and said to me: wife, nothing, things are in controllable range. How many of the night and a half more, I use the phone to wake you, accompanied by irritable mood with you so much boring topic. When I finally asked you will not be annoying when you softly said to me: do not bother, heart warm, do not think, pragmatic point, your heart holding my heart ... ...


Husband I love you! Past, unforgettable, sad, looking forward, I love you! You are always stored in my apex, you are my life irreplaceable flowing blood, around me, nourishing me, give me the nutrients and vitality of life.


That day, you call back, said tired day to seek comfort, so my son and my happy dinner to bring you a lot of pride and comfort. Millet gruel, black-bone chicken stew pig tail soup, three steamed bun, you listen to my son to take the pig's tail chew Coke Oh, this time you imagine his wife and children at home picture said: nice, life so much Jiao -


That night at twelve o'clock, I was in the phone is still finishing the manuscript you said: husband, so late I sleep, you sleep early Then I did not hang up the phone and said to you: sometimes I feel ridiculous, always advise others to go to bed early, but who knows my own husband is so hard it, I am some choked. You can laugh at the other end of the phone: ha ha ha ... ... good men are so, I was like this, fast sleep to his wife, kiss son!


Husband, you can always purify my mind!


Fingertips, all things are clouds. Yang who, Mu who, are better to love her husband more able to move the heart of the practical! That night, under the light, gathered together, singing, piano, laughter, blessing, stability, vision, how beautiful life ... ..., refueling, my dear!


On the occasion of the arrival of Father's Day, I wish her husband a happy holiday!


And asked her husband to keep in mind three words:


First, for a better tomorrow, remember to fight for dinner on time, sleep.


Second, the work must be responsible, because it can support our family.


Third, the husband and wife love to cherish, because it is really a luxury, more and more precious and more precious.